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i’m that gross thing boys think about when they’re trying to get rid of their boners

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I even procrastinate the things I want to do.

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Well, at least I got my essay in on time. 

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"origami replicates a woman’s internal fluid environment to simulate an experience of sex without a condom for the male partner."


what is this space-age alien fuckery

1) it doesn’t look like it would stay on well
2) would this work as well with intact men?
3) what are the benefits for women?
4) if this works it could actually be pretty cool and innovative

ETA: Could they seriously not come up with something better to demonstrate using the female condom than a fucking fleshlight?

This really does not look like it would be comfortable for women. 

I’m bored, reblog this and I will send you an ask with the name of a cool song. 

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Pugs are silly creatures.

This makes me want to die. 

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Hannah Gadsby on rape culture (x)

Real shit

How to make a joke involving rape

mock rape culture (aka bring awareness), NOT the victim

good stuff

not to mention the skipping cycle possibilities.

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miss you buddy

miss you buddy